Enamel Factory Jingjiang Everlasting perennial for you and produce various kinds of anti-corrosion chemical equipment and accessories, depending on your needs and the technical parameters of industrial designs, designs and drawings after your confirmation, to meet your technical requirements, ensure that you production and use of security. User-centric company, all for customer service, customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit. "Xinyi first, quality first" is our principle of service, we will speak on the basis of the superiority of traditional products, continue to develop more new products to adapt to user needs. "Everlasting enamel" and you will work together toward a new era of modern chemical industry!
Main product: Guards against corrosion the acidproof pump valve, the anticorrosion reactor, the stainless steel to respond that the pot, the frequency conversion velocity modulation reaction still, the electrically controlled constant temperature responded the pot, the temperature control valve, the gas control the anticorrosion valve, the cauldron bottom temperature measurement valve, the enamel serpentined heat transmitter, the reaction still excess temperature alarm apparatus, the chemical craft production automatic control equipment, the enamel row tube heat interchanger, the enamel vacuum pump, the steel liner four fluorine Three Contacts, to line with rubber the bend, the glass lining retort, the enamel reaction tower, the chlorination tower, the lining four fluorine valve, four fluorine filling pieces, the reaction still stirring paddle lining four fluorine, four fluorine to pass anticorrosion chemical industry mechanical devices and so on chlorine tube, net, baffle.

Glass-lined reactor

Glass-lined reactor cap

Glass-lined reactor tank

Glass-lined mixing tank

 Glass-lined Cone Vacuum tank

 Response evaporating installation: The enamel reaction still, the stainless steel responded that the pot, the lining fluorine pipeline, lines with rubber the pipeline, the enamel pipeline, the electric heating reaction still, the heat conduction oil heating should the cauldron, the clamp cover reaction still, to distill the cauldron, the glass lining distillation tower.

 Heat transfer condensing equipment: Glass lining row tubular surface condenser, glass lining piece type condenser, glass lining clamp cover condenser, enamel serpentined heat transmitter, stainless steel row tube condenser.

 Stainless steel tube condenser

 Glass-lined tube condenser

 Glass lined condenser coil

 Glass-lined chip condenser

 Glass-lined U-tube condenser

 Stirring Emulsifying Equipment: Fanyingguo frequency control cabinet, reactor reducer, high-speed dispersion reactor, stirring speed, multi-speed mixer, Lab mixer, mixing equipment, a large, enamel mixer, stainless steel stirring, stirring shaft seal, the bottom discharge valve temperature enamel, enamel level gauge.
 Anti-corrosion equipment accessories: PPR tanks, PVC tanks, polypropylene tanks, live sets of cast iron flanges, reactor clamp, U-tube condenser, hose clamps, Fanyingguo mirrors, glass-lined piping, lined elbow, corrosion probe thermometer, thermometer corrosion protection cover, glass-lined head, the tower section of enamel, enamel plate, glass-lined closures, rubber lined pipe, with rubber seals, rubber lined reactor tank, fluorine pipeline, fluorine mixing, lining fluoride reactor tank, quick-open feeding closures.

 Reaction tank gear

 Glass-lined mixing acid

 Horizontal mixer

 Stainless steel impeller

 Cone reactor

 Chemical Seal Accessories: Fanyingguo gaskets, PTFE gaskets, PTFE corrugated stainless steel gasket, rubber gasket, asbestos gasket, quick open feeding cover, manhole gland enamel, enamel seal plate, seal the water jacket machine.
 Hydraulic vacuum equipment: enamel water jet vacuum pump, large water jet vacuum pumps, jet enamel vacuum, steam jet vacuum pump, vacuum suction devices.

 Glass-lined water-jet vacuum pump

Glass-lined water-jet vacuum pump head

 Glass-lined water-jet vacuum pump unit

 Fluorine acid pump

 Glass-lined pipes

 Anti-corrosion chemical valve: reactor-specific discharge valve, pipe valve, valve automation enamel, enamel discharge valve, ceramic valve, ceramic diaphragm, glass, acid-resistant steel ball valve, pneumatic discharge valve enamel, enamel pneumatic valve, pneumatic ceramic diaphragm, temperature control valve, corrosion control valve.
 Corrosion resistant chemical pumps: chemical pump enamel, enamel acid pump, anticorrosive pump, magnetic pump, metering pump corrosion, well point pumps, stainless steel pumps, PTFE acid pump.

Glass-lined pneumatic discharge valve

 Thermal discharge valve

Temperature discharge valve

 Pneumatic discharge valve

 Pneumatic discharge valve

 Chemical control equipment: bottom temperature discharge valve, the central temperature reactor, reactor cooling the top of the reactor over-temperature alarm device, over-temperature controller, temperature control, pumps, temperature control valve, thermostatic heating control, air control valves, tank level controller, reactor overpressure alarm.
 Corrosion engineering equipment: anaerobic biogas tank construction, modular steel enamel, large storage tank corrosion, reaction engineering design automation.

 Acid-resistant enamel valve

Acid discharge valve

Glass-lined diaphragm

Pneumatic diaphragm

Gas control valve

 Other industrial products: Fanyingguo emergency repair, general electric reactor reactor conversion, ceramic ozone tubes, reaction equipment, tables, long ceramic pipes, ceramic heating tubes, heat-conducting oil enamel pipe reactor PH value of the tester.

A user workshop

Reactor console

Fluorine lining tank

Enamel tank assembly